I double-dog-dare Fox News' Sarah Palin to go on ABC's This Week

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Ever since Sarah Palin became a Fox News contributor, nearly all of her media interviews have been on the conservative cable outlet, save for a few other appearances to promote her memoir and other endeavors.

It's a sweet deal for the former half-term Governor of Alaska. She pops up on Fox News in between Facebook postings for the occasional softball interview never facing tough questions while many in the media dutifully promote her ramblings as if they in and of themselves have some sort of news value.

Even during paid speaking gigs Palin doesn't provide much access to the non-conservative press.

Which is perhaps why this Twitter post flagged by Mediaite.com from the interim host of ABC's This Week -- Jake Tapper -- caught my eye:

As Mediaite.com's Tommy Christopher notes:

I asked Jake why he has chosen Twitter as the vehicle to entice Palin onto his show: (via email)

"We've been trying for sometime now to have Gov. Palin as a guest on This Week, so far to no avail. Knowing how connected she is to the internet and how responsive she is to her supporters, I thought appealing to her on twitter might work. We'll provide a fair forum for her to share her thoughts on politics and policy; I hope she comes on."

Under Tapper's interim host-ship, This Week has implemented several innovations, the most buzzworthy of which is their partnership with Pulitzer winning fact-check website Politifact. The show has also made ratings inroads against its competition, once again gaining to 2nd place last week ahead of CBS' Face the Nation. A Palin appearance would be a huge win for This Week, but it could also benefit Palin tremendously.

I hope Palin goes on too. In fact, I double-dog-dare her to go on This Week with Tapper. If for no other reason than it serving as an excellent opportunity for someone, anyone to hold her accountable for the myths, lies, conspiracy theories and general misinformation she's been pushing since she left Alaska's Governorship in favor of greener (money) pastures. You know, the things the folks at Fox News will never address during her appearances.

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