Bolling's misinformation and GOP activism pay off: Fox Business awards him a primetime show

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Today, Fox officially announced that Eric Bolling will get a primetime show on the Fox Business Network. Bolling, who previously co-hosted FBN's Happy Hour and has guest-hosted on Fox News, should fit right in with Fox's stable of primetime hosts. In just the past year, Bolling has regularly misinformed viewers about economic issues, advanced anti-Obama conspiracy theories, and encouraged viewers to vote for Republicans.

Fox Business will also debut Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch this Saturday. The previously web-only show has hosted 9-11 Truth leaders, and Napolitano has pushed anti-government conspiracies on Fox News and Fox Business. In March, Bolling and Napolitano pushed the debunked conspiracy theory that the health care bill established a "civilian army" for Obama.

Below the fold, a brief history of Media Matters fan Bolling:

Falsehoods and misinformation

GOP activism

Smears and right-wing rhetoric

Fox Business
Eric Bolling
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