RW blogger Patterico's big O'Keefe scoop: He wasn't charged with a felony!

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Boy, nothing gets by this guy.

I mean really, this is the best that Andrew Breitbart's bloggers can come up with after James O'Keefe's humiliating guilty plea in New Orleans? And I'm not making up that headline. Fact-free blogger, and P/T Breitbart apologist, Patterico today posted a very breathless item at Big Journalism in which he details how prosecutors did not have enough evidence to charge O'Keefe with a felony!

Um, thanks Sherlock. But most people figured that out when prosecutors declined to charge O'Keefe with a felony. But by all means, keep us posted on any other scintillating scoops you uncover. Your insight, as always, is invaluable.

UPDATED: In his post, Patterico continues the new right-wing model of trashing law enforcement. Behold "conservative journalism."

UPDATED: Just for laughs, will Patterico please explain to us again how the ACORN pimp hoax wasn't really a hoax.

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