Huh? calls Dem Wyden an "incumbent moderate Republican" whose victory would complicate "national picture"

Blog ››› ››› KARL FRISCH is up with a "Things to watch in today's races" feature splashed across its homepage:

The article it links to concludes with the following:

There's one major problem with CNN's analysis on the "winds" of Oregon though. Wyden is a Democrat now in his 14th year as a Senator.

How Wyden winning the "primary today and another term in the fall" would complicate the "national picture" is anyone's guess.

UPDATE: has corrected the post. Wyden is no longer identified as an "Incumbent moderate Republican" and is instead referred to as an "Incumbent Democrat." Strangely, the bit about his impending victory "complicating the national picture" remains intact. Can anyone out there explain how Wyden winning complicates the "national picture." Am I missing something here?

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