Matt Walsh says “a lot” of undocumented immigrants are “whiny little babies”

Walsh: “These are self-entitled egomaniacs”

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Citation From the May 10, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show

MATT WALSH (HOST): It just makes me sick that we're allowing this in our country. You know, on second thought, years ago when Trump made the left so angry by saying that some worrying percentage of illegal immigrants are criminals and drug dealers, rapists, and so on -- as we recall, all the outrage over that statement -- he really did make a mistake because, you know, he should not have said that. I mean, he shouldn't have said just that. He should have also mentioned that a lot of them are whiny little babies, and that is an even more pervasive problem. There appears to be much more of that, as we have discovered. You know, many of -- certainly the people that we just saw and they have created these demands, these are self-entitled egomaniacs.

I mean, imagine doing this. Imagine doing this. You can't imagine it. If you're a normal, decent person, you cannot imagine this. You cannot imagine going to another country and breaking their law by sneaking in, literally setting up camp inside one of their cities, and then angrily denouncing them for not providing you with room service, essentially. You would never do that. Right? You would never even think about doing that. You would never show up in someone else's country, in someone else's home and go, listen up. Here's what I need from you. I mean, think about doing that in someone's actual house. Think about barging in to someone's actual house and going, OK, here are my ground rules that you need to obey while I'm in your house. If you want me to be in your house, here's what you need to do. Well, I don't want you to be in my house. Well, never mind. I'm staying. Here's what I need you to do. It's insane. It's insane that we allow this. It's insane that these people are not being rounded up and shipped back to where they came from.