Journalism, Fox Nation style

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Check out Fox Nation's lead stories:

The headline "Obama Admin Apologizes to China for AZ Law" is simply not supported by the linked article.

The headline "Pelosi Tells Americans to Quit Their Jobs" isn't, either.

The article about the first Muslim Miss USA does not in any way address the question of whether the runner-up was hurt by her comments about Arizona.

The Woody Allen thing links to a Gateway Pundit post that purports to translate a Spanish-language article, while not addressing in any way the question of whether Allen -- a celebrated comedian -- was serious or kidding.

So, that's three flat-out misrepresentations of the underling facts, a questionable interpretation of a Spanish news report, and a write-up of something Sarah Palin said.

Fox Nation: Where hyping the comments of Alaska's former half-term governor is the best journalism that happens all day.

Fox Nation
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