Geraghty predicts Beck will run with Kagan "socialist" myth

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NRO's Jim Geraghty tweeted this morning: "Kagan's college thesis called the socialist movement's demise 'sad but chastening.' Glenn Beck will get a month of shows out of it."

We have no doubt that Glenn Beck - he who could probably find evidence of socialism in a toothpick - will wear out a chalkboard or two with the tired myth that Elena Kagan's undergraduate thesis shows she's a socialist.

Unfortunately for Geraghty and Beck, the facts just don't bear out that claim. As we've noted:

Kagan did not express personal support for socialism or radicalism in her thesis. Rather, she explored the historical question of why socialism did not become a major political movement in the United States as it had elsewhere in the world. Kagan's thesis adviser has said that Kagan has never been a socialist, and one of her college peers described her views in college as "well within the mainstream of the ... sort of liberal, democratic, progressive tradition." Despite the fact that Kagan's thesis is publicly available, Republicans did not raise the issue during her confirmation as solicitor general, suggesting that none of them believed that she was actually a socialist.

PS - Nope, still don't have a life. Don't anticipate getting one any time soon.

UPDATE: Geraghty was right: Beck and crew suggest Kagan "was endorsing" socialism with college thesis

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