Fox News' ethical problems: Karl Rove edition, Part 4

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Yet again, Fox News has demonstrated its lack of concern for the ethical implications of Karl Rove's dual role as a "political analyst" for the network and his involvement in a GOP "campaign apparatus." Tonight, Greta Van Susteren opened her show with a lengthy segment in which Rove spoke extensively about Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and her three potential GOP challengers. Following the path laid in Happening Now co-host Jon Scott's interview of Rove yesterday, Van Susteren made absolutely no mention of Rove's role in this GOP political operation, introducing him only as "the author of the new book Courage and Consequence":

One would think that after its Sean Hannity ethical nightmare, Fox News would take these things seriously. Media Matters has already pointed out this particular issue with Rove three times previously. Where does Fox News draw the line? Will it wait until its employees actively fundraise and campaign for GOP candidates?

Oh, that's right -- that's already happened on hundreds of occasions.

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