Glenn Beck doesn't know how to use Google

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For a man who frequently boasts about how much he reads and lauds his research staff as "some of the biggest minds in America," Glenn Beck apparently has a serious problem doing the most basic research on the subjects he talks about.

Today, in the middle of a long rant about the IMF "bailout" of Greece, Beck returned to his fear mongering about the supposedly very mysterious IMF:

Among the questions Beck asks in this rant are, "can you name any board members?" and "can you tell me how any board member is placed on the board of the IMF?"

Off the top of my head? No. But let me clue you in to a little trick of the trade, Glenn.

That was taxing. If you Google "IMF Board," the first result helpfully leads to a page listing all of the IMF board members as well as an explanation that they are placed on the board by their member country and are "usually the minister of finance or the governor of the central bank." You'd think that in three weeks since he last fear mongered about this, Beck might have found the five seconds of time it took me to find that information and sleuthed it out himself. (However, to be fair to Beck, the result doesn't come up if you search for "Evil Secret IMF Socialist Plot.")

My point is the same as it was the last time Glenn Beck fear mongered about the supposedly secretive IMF: it's impossible to have a reasonable policy discussion with someone who relies so heavily on conspiracy theories, fear mongering, and outrageous falsehoods.

But don't forget, Beck hates the "politics of fear."

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