Audacity Hall of Fame: Glenn Beck denounces the politics of fear

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Last night on his show, Glenn Beck took a quick break from his over-the-top ranting to deliver a heartfelt message to President Obama:

Barack Obama said he wouldn't use the fear of politics [sic] like George W. Bush did. America, I have to tell you, this man has violated every single campaign promise he has made - except those to the labor unions.

This is a big one, because that's exactly what he's doing now. He is breaking the one that really, America, really wanted to stop. Just do anything for politics: that's the change we wanted. And here he is, using the politics of fear, to rally his base.

See, President Obama has broken his promise that he wouldn't use the politics of fear. And that just breaks Glenn Beck's heart, because he hates the politics of fear so much. Right.

Let's rewind the clock a few days, and take you through just one week of Beck's non-stop fear mongering.

Friday, March 19:

Last Friday, Beck was worked up about the upcoming health care vote. Discussing the planned tea party protests, Beck described the various protests scheduled to take place on the National Mall that weekend as being a potential "powder keg," because immigration groups and anti-war protestors would be protesting on the mall in addition to tea partiers. Or, as he described it, "regular Americans" will join the GOP, while "socialists and communists...are marching." In a clear demonstration of his hatred for the politics of fear, Beck warned that "there may be civil unrest" on the National Mall because of "people who think like Van Jones" protesting.

Continuing his noble quest to elevate our civil discourse above fear-mongering, Beck described Democratic lawmakers as "some real evil-doers," that are "so far past the line of evil" that they're resorting to bribery to pass health care reform. He did this while pushing a baseless smear that Democratic reps were trading health care votes for water allocation.

To cap off the week, Beck posited that if health care passes, "Don't we lose really the Democratic Party to the socialists?"

Monday, March 22:

Following the House's passage of health care reform, Beck found the answer to his question: "The Democratic Party now officially is the Socialist Party." Beck got biblical to describe the horrors of the bill, saying that "the fruit of this tree is extraordinarily evil," and that while "Jesus Martinez" might favor the health care bill, it wouldn't be looked on favorably by "the Jesus from Nazareth that" Beck "know[s]."

Oh, and he also compared health care reform to Pearl Harbor, Chamberlain meeting Hitler, Flight 93 on 9/11, and the Hindenburg disaster.

Tuesday: March 23:

On Tuesday, Beck informed his viewers that Obama "just punched you in the face with health care." Beck explained how when the Democrats attempt to pass health care, immigration and environmental reform on the basis of morality and "justice," it's just the Dems' secret attempt to get to "forced redistribution of wealth" through Marxism and socialism. He concluded by asking "How does this not make sense, America?" In so many ways, Glenn. But I digress.

Continuing his ongoing attacks on churches that practice social justice (in which Beck attempts to terrify people into thinking their church may be secretly turning them into evil Marxists), Beck redefined social justice as "forced redistribution of wealth with a hostility towards individual property." He also claimed that "Marxist" Rev. Jim Wallis is "pervert[ing]" and "distorting the gospel" and promoting "the devil's way." Just to clarify, Rev. Wallis is a spiritual advisor to the president, and Beck is telling his viewers that he is promoting "the devil's way." And some people wonder how a recent poll found that a disturbingly large number of conservatives think Obama may be the Antichrist.

Just for safe keeping, Beck also suggested that the administration is "coming after him" and may kill him. So not fearmongering.

Wednesday, March 24:

On Wednesday, Beck continued his attacks on Rev. Wallis, claiming that he is engaged in a plot to pervert the gospel and "rot us from the inside."

Beck asserted that "the second American revolution" is currently being played out, and that things are going to get "much, much worse." Fear not, though - Beck assured viewers that he'll tell them "how to conquer it."

In his ongoing witch hunt and guilt-by-association campaign, Beck claimed that the "people around the president" thought about and plotted "armed insurrection" and "bombing," and that Obama's "coalition" includes felons, people enslaved by government assistance, and "illegal aliens."

Beck also discussed how Obama is "poking and prodding" the "crazy tea baggers" to set them up to commit violence, then followed by imploring his viewers not to commit any violence. You know you've done a good job avoiding the politics of fear on your show when you have to beg your viewers not to get violent.

Thursday, March 25:

Which brings us to yesterday, the day of Beck's lecture about how Obama is using the "politics of fear" to rally his base.

On his radio show, Beck compared tea partiers and conservatives to the civil rights activists, and said that while MLK "had to face German shepherds, we have to face SEIU and leftist thugs." He also claimed that "we will defend ourselves, but we will follow Gandhi."

Before his speech about the politics of fear, in a classic Beck moment, Beck claimed that Pelosi was "inciting" tea partiers with "a big hammer." This "big hammer" Beck references is also known to sane people as the House gavel.

Keep in mind that all of those examples are just from the past week.

Showing his short memory, less than fifteen minutes after expressing his deep concern for Obama's use of the "politics of fear," Beck told the country to get on their knees and pray, because "It's 9/11 all over again except we didn't have the collapsing buildings."

Friday, March 26

So far this morning, Beck has already predicted the economic collapse of this country and said that he'll be "amazed if we make it to the next election."

But don't use the politics of fear, President Obama. Because that would be wrong.

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