Geller: Army's cancellation of Graham invitation a "victory" for "Major Hasan"


From Pam Geller's April 22 Atlas Shrugs post:

BREAKING NEWS! The spineless and gutless military caved to Hamas-tied CAIR. GRAHAM IS DISINVITED:


A victory for CAIR and Major Hasan. Christians, Jews, unite and fight!


The jihadist infiltrators are feeling emboldened. You ain't seen nuthin yet, brothers and sisters. The forces of darkness are pressuring the already compromised Pentagon to cancel Franklin Graham. I hope Graham brings recent pictures of all the Christians and Jews murdered at the hands of jihad in Nigeria, Indonesia, Somalia, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, etc., about which CAIR has been diabolically silent.

It's OK for hateful and jihadist imams like Johari Abdul-Malik of the 911 terror mosque Dar al-Hijrah to give the opening prayer to the oldest elected state legislature at the state capital in Virginia, and it's OK that Obama's inauguration prayer was given by the president of a terror linked organization ... but Franklin Graham is the problem?

Franklin Graham is the solution. I pray he doesn't submit to Islamic thuggery and supremacism and retract, or that the mighty Pentagon doesn't quiver, cower, cry and cave to CAIR.


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