To Glenn Beck, Fox News is part of the liberal birther conspiracy

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Noted conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck - who, of course, has denied that he is a conspiracy theorist - uncorked a whopper on his radio show today.

Discussing the video clip of Michelle Obama referring to Kenya as Barack's "home country" that has been circulating the usual birther hotspots, Beck got to the bottom of the story:

Got all that? Beck "believe[s]," but he "could be wrong on this," that the tape has been released by "operatives on the left" who want to "stir the pot" on the birther issue. As usual, Beck didn't bother providing any evidence. Luckily for these "operatives on the left," they have some powerful allies embedded within the conservative movement helping them "stir the pot."

As I pointed out yesterday, Fox Nation, the website run by Glenn Beck's employer, posted this video with no context whatsoever. Providing no explanation for who exactly was "up in arms," they posted the video under the headline, "Birthers Up in Arms Over First Lady 'Home Country' Video." As of this writing, the video is still on their home page. Showing how effective Fox Nation has been at helping the liberal operatives stir the pot, the comments section has since devolved into a cesspool of the usual birther lunacy.

During the clip, Beck begged people to "run away" from the birther issue. He should probably circulate that memo around the building.

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