Glenn Beck (still) doesn't understand net neutrality. Not even close.

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Since the last time Glenn Beck attacked net neutrality as Marxist plot to take over the Internet, he's had ample time to research and discover that the issue is in fact about keeping the internet as an open platform for individuals and businesses (an initiative supported by major corporations like Google, and Facebook). Beck would even have learned that conservative groups like the Christian Coaltion as well as Gun Owners of America and the Parents Television Council support net neutrality.

True to the pattern we've seen from Beck over the years, he has not learned.

On his Monday Fox News show Beck explained to his audience that net neutrality was all about silencing Glenn Beck and others opposed to the Obama administration. To call this missing the point would be generous and a disservice to anyone who has ever legitmately missed a point.

Glenn Beck says that net neutrality is about squelching freedom of speech, the exact opposite of what net neutrality is about. From The Free Press' statement on net neutrality (Free Press is a major organizer of the Save The Internet campaign for net neutrality):

We need to keep the Internet free, open and neutral. Network Neutrality is vital to ensuring that everyone can connect and share content freely, that we can access the information, visit the Web sites and say what we want online, free from discrimination or interference.

The phone and cable companies that control access to the Internet for most Americans want to get rid of Net Neutrality, the rule that prevents them from discriminating against online content. They want to become the Internet's gatekeepers, deciding which sites go fast or slow and which won't load at all -- based on who pays them the most.

We can't allow the information superhighway to become the phone and cable companies' private toll road. If they get their way, the Internet as we know it -- as a democratic platform for free speech and innovation -- will disappear.

Somehow, Beck turned Free Press' net neutrality advocacy into a Marxist plot "to limit America's free press and freedom of speech."

After decrying a campaign by Free Press to have individuals comment to the FCC supporting net neutrality rules as a power grab by "special interests," Beck directed his audience to go to to oppose net neutrality. Somehow, he neglected to point out that is run by the right-wing organization Americans for Prosperity, which receives tons of corporate "special interest" money.

Do you know who would benefit from net neutrality? Glenn Beck. People like Beck would continue to have open access to a platform to share their conspiracy theories no matter how ill-informed they might be. So far, there are few signs that Beck will ever get this.

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