Gretchen Carlson's "liberal media" conspiracy apparently involves Tucker Carlson

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On today's Fox News Watch, guest host Gretchen Carlson wondered if the "liberal media" was to blame for attention over the RNC's "bondage-gate":

CARLSON: And now on to a story that has been red meat to the liberal media. The Republican National Committee released a report this week detailing where they spend their money. Everything from limos and private jets, to, well, a bondage themed strip club featuring simulations of lesbian encounters. And although he wasn't part of the action, the press called for the head of RNC chair Michael Steele.


CARLSON: Alright, surely an embarrassment, no doubt, for the RNC. But Juan, the press took the opportunity to smack down Republicans. Do they do the same for Democratic issues?

While Carlson spoke, Fox News ran text asking if the story was part of a media "witch hunt" against Republicans.

There's just one problem: The story was started by The Daily Caller, a conservative website founded by conservative pundit Tucker Carlson. Gretchen Carlson may know him since they both work for Fox News. As Juan Williams told Carlson, a "new conservative website ... revealed this. It wasn't like it was some liberal attack on the Republicans."

Liberal media "witch hunt" indeed. That's the kind of superb "news watch[ing]" you get when you have serial misinformer Gretchen Carlson host a media analysis show.

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