Owens "proudly stand[s] by" his "comment" that "jackasses" who think health care is "a 'right' deserve to be drawn and quartered"


From Owen's March 21 Confederate Yankee blog post:

Media Matters is furious that I dared challenge the farcical Democratic claim that health care is a "right." when I wrote on my Twitter account:

the next one of these jackasses that calls #healthcare a "right" deserves to be drawn and quartered.

I proudly stand by that comment.


According to Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi (who just so happened to be the Democrat speaking when I wrote that tweet, but was assuredly not the first), it is my obligation to pay for your "right." I will be forced to pay for coverage, whether I want it or not. I will be forced to pay for the coverage of others, whether I want it or not.

I stand by my comment that the Democrats who crammed this unwarranted bill down the throats of the American people who clearly and overwhelmingly opposed it deserve to be drawn and quartered.

As Wikipedia notes, having someone "laboring against that person's will to benefit another, under some form of coercion" is the very definition of involuntary servitude... slavery. We are Americans, and will be slaves to no man, no Congress, and no President.


Conservative blogger Owens: "Jackasses" who call health care a right "deserve to be drawn and quartered"

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