Another health care opponent's conflict of interest ignored on Fox

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Earlier this afternoon, Fox News' Megyn Kelly hosted a "fair and balanced" debate that featured Chris Wilson, who was identified as a "GOP pollster and strategist." Wilson, predictably, did not have much good to say about health care reform or today's CBO score:

Wilson, though, doesn't just poll for the GOP. His firm, Wilson Research Strategies, boasts of their ability "to translate precise data into increased profit margins in every sphere of the health and pharmaceutical industries." In other words, Wilson boasts of his experience in polling for the very companies that will be affected by the health care bill he's criticizing.

Fox News consistently avoids the conflicts of interest of health care reform opponents, having similarly failed to disclose the conflicts of Rick Santorum, Frank Donatelli, Mary Grealy, Andrea Tantaros, John Breaux, and Newt Gingrich

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