Why won't Fox News tell its viewers what the Healthcare Leadership Council is?

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On Fox News' America's Newsroom this morning, guest anchor Juliet Huddy hosted Mary Grealy, "the president of the Healthcare Leadership Council." Grealy spent her time attacking a proposal to include allowing people age 55 to 65 to buy in to Medicare as a "non-starter," complaining about the current "cost-shift" from government programs to private insurers and underpayments to hospitals, and advocating for subsidies to purchase private health insurance instead:

Somehow, Huddy never got around to explaining what the "Healthcare Leadership Council" is. Here's the situation: they are a healthcare advocacy organization that represents some of the biggest healthcare providers and private insurance companies in the country. In other words, Grealy collects a paycheck from the very people who stand to lose from a Medicare buy-in and stand to gain from subsidies for private insurance.

I guess John Breaux and Newt Gingrich and their health care conflicts of interest were unavailable this morning.

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