An Open Letter to Retracto, the Correction Alpaca

An Open Letter to Retracto, the Correction Alpaca


Dear Mr. Alpaca,

I'm not really sure where you came from -- Andrew Breitbart's imagination, presumably -- but we need you now more than ever. But Breitbart likes to use you as a device to demand corrections of others and somebody even wrote a catchy song about you.

Now it's high time you paid Breitbart himself a visit.

You see, Hannah Giles today reportedly said "we never claimed that" fellow filmmaker James O'Keefe "went in with a pimp costume" into ACORN offices."It was purely b-roll," she claimed.

But yet, Breitbart and Fox News have claimed that he did dress up as a pimp and visit ACORN offices.

As Media Matters has pointed out, in a Sept. 21, 2009 Washington Times column, Breitbart wrote [emphasis added]:

When filmmaker and provocateur James O'Keefe came to my office to show me the video of him and his friend, Hannah Giles, going to the Baltimore offices of ACORN - the nation's foremost "community organizers" - dressed as a pimp and a prostitute and asking for - and getting - help for various illegal activities, he sought my advice.

And during a September appearance on Fox & Friends, in which O'Keefe appeared in his pimp costume, co-host Steve Doocy stated: "He is dressed exactly in the same outfit that he wore to these ACORN offices up and down the Eastern seaboard. This is what you think a pimp looks like?" O'Keefe did not correct Doocy, merely stating, "I guess this is a stereotypical pimp costume, comes to mind. Yeah."

It's clear that Breitbart and Fox News should correct their claims immediately.

As has been stated stated previously:

The story's gonna come out whether they like it or not
If they told it like it is they wouldn't be in this spot
Lyin' to the people gets a psychotic reaction
But Retracto calls them out now they're makin' retractions


We need the news not projection
Or he's gonna demand a correction
We need the news not projection
Or he's gonna demand a correction

Go get 'em.

Andrew Breitbart, James O'Keefe, Hannah Giles
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