Andrew Malcolm's silence about Palin's poor poll numbers speaks volumes

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Well, this is a little weird.

As we have documented, Los Angeles Times reporter/former Bush press secretary Andrew Malcolm is fairly obsessed with Sarah Palin's poll numbers -- among other things, he regularly makes misleading completely bogus comparisons of them to President Obama's poll ratings and shoe-horns them into completely unrelated blog posts.

But Malcolm hasn't mentioned last-week's CBS poll about Palin -- a poll that got a fair amount of attention otherwise. It isn't like Malcolm to ignore a Palin poll; indeed, it often seems his only reasons for getting out of bed in the morning are making fun of Joe Biden and touting the results of polls about Palin. So what could possibly explain his disinterest in the CBS poll?

Wait: I wonder if this could explain it:

A new CBS News poll finds that a large majority of Americans say they do not want former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to run for president.

Specifically, 71 percent say they do not want the former Republican vice presidential nominee to run for president, while 21 percent say they do want her to run.

When the results are split out by party, 56 percent of Republicans say they do not want her to seek the office and 30 percent do. Meanwhile, 88 percent of Democrats do not want her to run. Among independents, 65 percent do not want her to run and 25 percent do.

The poll also finds that more people view Palin negatively than positively and that her book tour did not improve overall views of her.

Now, let's see: What do you call someone who regularly touts poll numbers that make a political figure look good, distorts those poll numbers to make the political figure look even better, and completely ignores poll numbers that make that political figure look bad? Oh, yeah: Andrew Malcolm (R-CA).

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