When you say "Barack Obama," Howard Kurtz thinks "Tiger Woods"

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Washington Post Tiger Beat columnist Howard Kurtz just can't get Tiger Woods out of his mind:

And for all the heated rhetoric being thrown at him [President Obama] these days -- socialist, sellout, soporific, yadda yadda yadda -- I don't think anyone has accused him of a racial approach to politics. People want to know what he's doing about unemployment and health care and climate change. In a very real sense, he seems to have transcended race.

(I was going to make a Tiger Woods analogy here, but at the moment that seems like a decidedly bad idea.)

Kurtz isn't the first media figure to inexplicably link Obama and Woods:

Newsmax's Ponte compares Obama to Tiger Woods: "eager to give cold cash to get hot love" at climate change conference

Fox Nation: "Why Obama Is Worse Than Tiger?"

Limbaugh reads article comparing Obama to Tiger Woods

And, of course, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd strained to find similarity between Tiger Woods and White House social secretary Desiree Rogers, coming up with some drivel about both of them being entitled swans.

I'm still waiting for a media figure to compare a white political figure to Tiger. Maybe John Ensign? Both (allegedly) offered hush money to keep affairs quiet. But I guess some journalists think that's a bit of a stretch -- not like the obvious similarities between Woods and Rogers.

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