LA Times' Andrew Malcolm will make your head hurt, again (and again)

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The latest from Malcolm's never-ending low-ball attacks? This week, Laura Bush's former flak used the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor to ridicule Obama, because naturally who doesn't see the connection? (Well, Obama did grow up in Hawaii.) Specifically, Malcolm complained that Obama's speech last week about the future U.S. policy in Afghanistan wasn't like FDR speech to the nation the day after Pearl Harbor.

I kid you not, Malcolm thinks that rhetorically, Obama's speech regarding a tactical decision to send more troops to fight a battle that's been unfolding for eight years half-a-world away should have been just like when FDR addressed Americans hours after the country was attacked by the air. I think perhaps only Andrew Malcolm is dumb enough to actually believe his own premise.

From Laura Bush's former flak [emphasis added]:

Last week we had President Obama's less-than-rousing Afghanistan war speech, trying to have it both ways by dispatching more troops while promising a scheduled departure. And not once using the word "victory."


So here as a political refresher are two historic videos -- one about the actual attack itself by 350 planes from Imperial Japanese aircraft carriers more than 200 miles away.

The other video includes President Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous war speech the very next day, the one saying that Dec. 7, 1941, would live in infamy. And here we are 24,837 days later remembering.

And now a real presidential war speech from the days of radio when voice and words mattered more than looks.

Meanwhile, can we please take one step back and ponder the rancid hypocrisy of Malcolm supposedly longing for a "real presidential war speech"; for the time when a president properly rallied a nation into battle? Because here's the sad truth about today's right-wing Obama haters: If America were tested again like it was by Pearl Harbor, and if a Democrat sat in the Oval Office, you can be sure that Malcolm and his kind, instead of rallying around the president in the nation's hour of need, would help unleash mobs to tear the president down in order to score political points.

On Monday, Malcolm praised FDR for being "real" when he addressed the country in the wake of the shocking attack by the Japanese. But today? OMG, can you imagine how Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity, and the online chorus of professional Obama haters like Malcolm would savagely go after the Democratic president--instantly and without reservation--if America came under attack by a foreign power?

Pretty ironic, isn't it? Malcolm hearkens back to a "real" president war speech like the one given by FDR and wished we had a leader today who could rally the nation like FDR did. Of course, FDR didn't have deal with a political movement, fueled by well-funded corporate media (like the LA Times), whose entire political purpose is to tear the president down.

So Malcolm please, spare us the lectures about "real" presidential speeches, not when it's so clear that Obama Derangement Syndrome has you hoping America fails.

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