LA Times' Andrew Malcolm will make your head hurt, again

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

The fact that his visceral hatred for President Obama seems to know no rational bounds, means Malcolm's LA Times blog continues to be a running source of embarrassment for the newspaper. (i.e. It's hard to find college newspapers that regularly print this kind of nonsense.)

For his latest, Laura Bush's former flak claims Obama is personally responsible for wasting energy because he helped light the national Christmas tree:

Juvenile headline:

Allegedly green Obama lights National Christmas Tree, leaves them on

The too-dumb-for-words conclusion:

The lighted tree will continue wasting precious electrical energy resources throughout the holiday season.

That's right, according to Malcolm, Washington, D.C., is apparently facing a shortage of "electrical energy." Somebody alert the LA Times newsroom!

UPDATED: Imagine the idiotic things Malcolm would write if Obama announced that, in order to save energy, the national Christmas tree would not be lit this year?

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