Does LA Times' Andrew Malcolm want to be Sarah Palin's flak?

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He already served time as Laura Bush's flak, so maybe GOP lapdog Malcolm is eying a return to the Republican payroll. His crush on Palin is quite obvious this week, although Malcolm's reading comprehension skills seem suspect as ever.

Get a load of this headline:

Going berserk over 'Going Rogue;' Democrats' reaction to Sarah Palin book and publicity

According to Malcolm's astute reading of the political landscape, it's Democrats who are going "berserk" over Palin's book. And how many "Democrats" does Malcolm quote in his piece? Yeah, that'd be zero because, as everyone else but Malcolm realizes, Democrats are pretty much sitting the Palin thing out this week and gleefully watching as Palin pits Republicans vs. Republicans as they conduct another bloody round of the 2008 Blame Game.

Always desperate for a partisan spin, Malcolm, as is his custom, just makes stuff up and claims Democrats are going "berserk" over Palin's book. But oops, Malcolm doesn't actually quote a single Democrat to prove his point.

Malcolm and Palin could make a perfect pair.

UPDATED: What's Malcolm's proof that (nameless) Democrats are going "berserk"? The fact that the DNC has sent out some emails containing links to Palin-related news stories. Oh brother. This is lame even by Malcolm standards.

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