A warning about that Zogby poll the Examiner is hyping

Blog ››› ››› OLIVER WILLIS

The conservative Examiner newspaper is hyping a new poll from pollster John Zogby that purportedly shows that 43% of respondents would support the re-election of President Obama. The poll was commissioned by Brad O'Leary (author of an anti-Obama book called "The Audacity of Deceit"), who has previously comissioned misleading polls to push an anti-Obama agenda.

Zogby was recently caught pushing a racially charged poll question asking if the FCC should ask "good white people" to step aside for African-Americans and gays.

In February, Zogby pushed out an anti-stimulus poll with some extremely loaded language.

With that kind of track record and pedigree, Zogby's work should probably be treated with healthy skepticism.

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