Limbaugh and NFL: He didn't jump, he was pushed

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Could Limbaugh's unfolding NFL fiasco get any more humiliating after word leaked out late Wednesday that Limbaugh was no longer going to be part of a potential bid to buy the St. Louis Ram? Because reading the statement of Dave Checketts, the pro sports veteran who had initially teamed up with Limbaugh in hopes of landing the Rams, it's clear that Limbaugh was shoved off the bid--dropped like a low round draft pick--and done so in an unflattering, get-lost manner.

In the statement, there wasn't even the pretense of allowing Limbaugh to bow out gracefully with lots of double talk about how he didn't want to become a distraction, etc. Checketts simply confirmed that the investment group he was part of was "moving forward without" Limbaugh, who, thanks to his long record of hate speech, had nearly single-handedly sunk Checkett's chances of acquiring the Rams, as players and owners made clear this distaste for the turbo talker.

More humiliation? On his Wednesday radio program, Limbaugh had vowed to fight on with his pursuit of the Rams; that he would never back off:

"I'm not even thinking of exiting," Limbaugh said on his program, according to a transcript provided to ESPN. "I'm not even thinking of caving. I am not a caver. None of us are."


Well, technically I guess Limbaugh's Alamo-like claim was accurate, since he didn't "cave." But hours later Checketts did throw Limbaugh under the bus.

Enjoy the ride.

UPDATED: Here's the $64,000 question: Did Limbaugh's incessant on-air whining Wednesday about the coverage of the NFL story, and his eagerness to turn the story into a purely partisan one, seal his fate? Meaning, did Checketts and company tune in Wednesday and and hear Limbaugh's typically deranged brand of victimhood and realize that there was no possible way the NFL was ever--ever--going to allow Limbaugh within shouting distance of an owner's box, and that Limbaugh had to be thrown overboard immediately?

UPDATED: Right-wing bloggers are politely reporting that Limbaugh's bid attempt was "withdrawn." Right. Rush went on the radio vowing to never withdraw his bid and then hours later his partners released a press release and abruptly announced they were moving on without him. But in right-wing world that qualifies as Limbaugh having "withdrawn" his bid.

You know what they say about that river in Egypt...

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