Irony is dead: Limbaugh threatens legal action over false statements

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Actually, the fact-free talker is threatening to sue journalists who report what Limbaugh claims are falsehoods regarding him. Hmm, suddenly, Limbaugh doesn't like being on the other end of misinformation? Suddenly he's demanding folks back up and source all their information, in a way that he almost never does?

Good to know.

Meanwhile, is this a precedent Limbaugh really wants to create for his show? Does the chronic misinformer really want to start a movement where those who are demeaned by his lies are encouraged to contract their attorneys and threaten legal action against the host until he retracts his statements. (If so, Limbaugh's gonna have to put more lawyers on retainer.)

I love how Limbaugh reflexively reaches for the phone to call his lawyers when people say things about him that might be inaccurate. But when Limbaugh spends hour after hour behind the microphone concocting whatever version of reality strikes him that day, all that misinformation is protected by the right-wing notion of free speech.

UPDATED: Limbaugh is complaining that in the reporting on his effort to buy an NFL team, some journalists have attributed to him racially inflammatory quotes that are phony.

Well, here are some that are real.

My guess is that members of the NFL community who oppose Limbaugh ownership bid will also oppose it after reading how he called Barack Obama a "Halfrican-American," and claimed Americans are being urged to "to bend over, grab the ankles" and hope Obama succeeds "because his father was black."

The point is that when Limbaugh's NFL bid officially fails (and it will), right-wingers will claim it's because nasty reporters manufactured race-baiting quotes from Limbaugh. Truth is, there are plenty of real ones to go around.

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