When Michelle Malkin and Drudge team up, hillarity ensues

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Both are pushing Drudge's pointless report about how a FOX TV affiliate was apparently told by officials at the Chicago Olympic Committee that the station's trivial, 60-second report last Thursday morning regarding how some Chicagoans were against landing the 2016 Olympic bid, would "harm Chicago's chances" of winning the bid. According the Drudge, the station shelved plans to re-air the clip.

But get a load of Drudge's screaming headline:

FOX-TV Chicago Ordered Not to Run Anti-Olympic Story

Psst Matt, the station already ran it. (The only 'news' was whether they'd air it again.)

Then look at how Malkin, desperate for an anti-Obama angle, spin the hollow tale. Under the headline "Olympic Crony Watch," she invents a key fact:

Drudge reports that WFLD-TV has been ordered not to broadcast an anti-Olympics segment again.

Really? The TV station was "ordered" not to air the mundane segment again? Actually, no. According to Drudge's 'reporting,' the decision was made internally.

Who knows (cares?) if a single word of Drudge's report is true. We just love how Malkin couldn't help improving it with her own version of right-wing reality. i.e. Obama's cronies were issuing orders!

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