The AP's painfully dumb kids-sing-for-Obama report

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Working overtime to legitimize the right-wing charges of White House "indoctrination" as actual news, the AP's Geoff Mulvihill does the honors:

A school for kindergartners through second-graders in a comfortable Philadelphia suburb has become the latest target of accusations by conservatives that schoolchildren are being indoctrinated to idolize President Barack Obama.

If Michelle Maklin and Glenn Beck and the usual band of jokers created a "controversy" in which they claimed Obama was going to demand the first-born child from each U.S. home, would the AP type that up as news, as well? Meaning, is that any hate-filled charge of fiction that the right-wing will launch against this White House that the press won't treat as being newsworthy?

And note how the AP's Mulvihill plays monumentally dumb about the previous "controversy" about Obama addressing school children nationwide:

The notion that schoolchildren are being subjected to partisan politics rather than taught civics emerged earlier this month before an Obama speech to students was played in thousands of schools.

Left out of the AP report was the fact that those charges were absolutely absurd and that nobody on the planet who heard Obama's speech about exceling in the classrooom thought it was partisan or trying to "indoctrinate" anyone. For some reason, the AP, propping up the latest nonsense about "indoctrination," forgot to mention that right-wing hysterics over Obama's school speech were completely unfounded.

Last point: the AP actually quotes Malkin's blog regarding the school "controversy" as a news source, which is pretty hilarious since a couple weeks ago Malkin's right-wing "news" source claimed 2 million people showed up for an anti-Obama rally in Washington, D.C.

She was only off by 1.9 million.

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