Any mainstream journalists who pick up and legitimize the right-wing's kids-sing-for-Obama crusade ought to just quit

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Because it's hopeless for you.

The only, only reason this twisted tale should be touched by the mainstream press is to use it as an example to highlight just how radical and unhinged Obama's critics have become. Otherwise, this idiotic crusade is 100% without news value.

The press must resist giving into it's growing, lazy tradition of pretending every time the right-wing raises a ruckus about some trivial pursuit that that means it's news. It's not. Who cares what's "generating anger from conservatives today"? That's not news.

And BTW, that's certainly not the standard the press used when Bush was president and his ideological opponents attacked him (in a far more sane manner.) In fact, the press din't give a damn what Bush's liberal critics thought from day to day. (i.e. Angry liberals = annoying.) So the press ought to drop the phony double standard that it's adopted under Obama. (i.e. Angry conservatives = important.)

The story about little kids innocently singing a song in praise of the president is, without question, void of news value. So journalists, a tip: Show some class and show some restraint. Don't take the bait this time, because legitimizing this sorry story's going to leave a stench on you, too.

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