Time plays dumb about Glenn Beck ad boycott

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

The mag sets aside 3,600 words for a Beck profile this week. Here's the lone mention of the sweeping and shockingly successful ad boycott campaign that has cost Glenn Beck more than 60 advertisers this summer:

A liberal group called Color of Change has organized an advertiser boycott of Beck's TV show — great publicity for the group and a boon to Beck's ratings.

Like so many in the mainstream press, Time can't be bothered to detail whether the ad boycott is, y'know, working. At Time, it simply exists. The fact that it's perhaps the most effective ad boycott in modern TV history, or that it is reportedly costing Fox News $600,000 each week in lost revenues, is no interest to Time reporters.

Instead, they spin the boycott as a success...for Beck. i.e. It helped spike his ratings!

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