Why won't the press tell the truth about the sweeping Glenn Beck ad boycott?

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More than five dozen advertisers. Incredibly, that's how many sponsors of Glenn Beck have gone on the record and announced they will no longer support his program. So why won't the press report that fact?

According to ColorofChange.org the number of fleeing advertisers has reached 62. As I've noted several times in recent weeks, I'm certain that with this astonishingly successful ad boycott we're watching television history unfold before our eyes. I can't recall any other television host, and not certainly one in modern times, that has managed to shed so many all-star, blue chip advertisers the way Beck has in the last month.

If ColorofChange had convinced six or seven corporate sponsors to walked away from Glenn Beck it would have been a big deal. But 62, and counting? It's unheard of. Period.

Question: If you were selling ad time on cable TV, would you rather build your show on the shoulders of Freije Treatment Systems, Mortgage relief hotline 1-888-336-5967, and IRSTaxAgreements.com, the way Glenn Beck is today? Or would you rather build your show around ad support from AT&T, Bank of America, and Best Buy, which is the way Glenn Beck used to be?

I thought so.

Glenn Beck has been utterly decimated from an advertising standpoint. It's practically the highest-rated show on cable news yet all of its big national advertisers are gone. All. Of. Them. It's gotten so bad, Glenn Beck is airing free ads from other Murdoch properties, such as the Wall Street Journal, just to fill up the inventory.

But boy, you sure wouldn't know any of that know from consuming the mainstream news media. Sure, there have been lots of mentions that a boycott exists. And especially after ColorofChange ally--and Glenn Beck target--Van Jones recently resigned his White House post, lots of news outlets noted the boycott. But how many news outlets have mentioned just how many advertisers have pulled their dollars from Glenn Beck? How many news outlets in recent days and weeks have detailed that more than three, then four, and now five dozen advertisers have jettisoned the program?

Pretty much zero.

At least I can't find any on Nexis/Lexis. The New York Times, for instance, hasn't touched the unfolding story since August 14, when the paper reported that Glenn Beck had lost "about a dozen" advertisers, a boycott tally the Times described back then as "unusually successful."

Well, since then the boycott tally has increased five times. Since then, advertising and media history have been made this summer, but the Times, whose newsroom normally obsesses over the intersection of politics and media, has remained dutifully mum on the still-unfolding story.

More than five dozen advertisers have walked away from Glenn Beck. But the press couldn't care less.

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