Horowitz flip-flops, decides Obama's a Manchurian candidate after all

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On June 2, David Horowitz wrote a post on his FrontPageMag blog denouncing inflammatory anti-Obama rhetoric, such as claiming that President Obama wants to take advantage of a "Reichstag fire" type of incident to "terminate our Republic as Hitler did the Weimar Republic in the 1930s" (as WorldNetDaily's David Kupelian had claimed the day before). Horowitz wrote: "Obama is a machine politician and whatever dangers he represents (and as I see it there are many) are dangers because they reflect the heart and soul of today's Democratic Party, not because he is a Manchurian candidate or a closet Islamist, as more than a few conservatives seem to think."

How times change. A Sept. 11 FrontPageMag article by Horowitz carries the headline "The Manchurian Candidate." The front page of FrontPageMag promoted the article with this image:


So when does Horowitz start touting the "new Reichstag fire"?

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David Horowitz
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