The WashPost needs to update its Glenn Beck reporting

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

On Monday, the Post reported that "about 20 companies" had pulled their ads from Beck's program in response his "racist" smear against President Obama.

Yet on Monday, that figure was already woefully off the mark, because as of Monday 33 companies had pulled their ads. Being off by more than one-third in terms of the number of advertising fleeing Beck's show is sort of a big deal since the entire premise of the ad boycott campaign is to get as many companies as possible to turn their back on Beck. The number is the news. Yet somehow the Post managed to completely botch that key number; to completely low-ball it.

Now, it turns out that number has jumped to 36 advertisers which have pulled their ads from Beck's show. As of right now, the Post was off by nearly 50 percent in terms of its boycott reporting.

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