WashPost pushes Glenn Beck spin

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Writing about the sweeping, and still-growing, advertising boycott of Glenn Beck's show, Howard Kurtz stresses that while companies are fleeing Beck, they're not leaving Fox News. No advertisers have completely yanked their ads from Fox.

Writes Kurtz [emphasis added]:

Beck's charge was so incendiary -- and bizarre, considering that Obama's mother was white -- that even some conservatives winced. But boycotts rarely succeed in forcing anyone off the air, and indeed, Fox hasn't forfeited a dime. A Fox spokeswoman pointed to the network's statement: "The advertisers referenced have all moved their spots from Beck to other day parts on the network, so there has been no revenue lost."

But that does not appear to be the case. From the Associated Press:

"This is a good illustration of that conundrum," said Rich Hallabran, spokesman for UPS Stores, which he said has temporarily halted buying ads on Fox News Channel as a whole.

FYI, Kurtz reported that "about 20 companies" had pulled their ads from Beck's program. The AP pegs the number at nearly three dozen.

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