ABC's The Note: Health care mini-mobs have it "figured out"

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Here's The Note item on a Bloomberg News piece:

One side has it figured out: "The town-hall meeting, a format as old as democracy and a staple of congressional recesses, has taken on new force this summer, with consequences that so far have backfired on the president's efforts to retake control of the health-care debate," Bloomberg's John McCormick writes. "Obama's electronic brigade of supporters, meanwhile, has so far struggled to find traction to help push policy initiatives, something the White House is trying to change."

Behold the genius of the mini-mobs! Politically, they have it "figured out." They've unleashed a "new force this summer" and have seized control of the health care 'debate.' How did the mini-mobs do it? On that count, ABC and Bloomberg News remain politely mum today.

There are no references to shrieking free-for-alls, loaded guns, swastikas, Nazi posters, shouts of "Heil Hitler. Neither The Note nor Bloomberg News bother to mention the death threats that have been issued, the politicians tied up in effigy, or the acts of mini-mob vandalism that have taken place.

Why dwell on the unpleasant details people? All ABC and Bloomberg News care about is that the mini-mobs are winning and seizing control of the debate (thanks to the press), and that they have it "figured out."

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