ABC News on health care mini-mobs: Both sides are doing it!

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You can see where the coverage--where the media narrative--is heading this week. First the New York Times, and now ABC.

Rachel Martin's lede [emphasis added]:

The debate over health care reform is getting louder on both sides.

It's obvious journalists are more comfortable blaming both sides; pretending that liberals and Democrats are also to blame for town hall free-for-alls where the police are now routinely summoned and Congressmen and women receive death threats.

By adopting that phony (GOP) storyline, and avoiding the truth about how the mini-mobs are a creation of the radical right, journalists know they won't be attacked by the right-wing for displaying "liberal bias." So by ignoring the facts and diluting what's really going on, the press plays it safe. Of course, playing it safe has nothing to do with accurately informing the public. But I'm not sure at this point most journalists even care.

Here, BTW, in its entirety, is ABC's proof that "both sides" are doing it:

The AFL-CIO and other labor unions are urging their members to show up in force at congressional town halls around the country and voice their support of health care reform, as a counterpoint to the conservative protesters. And the liberal group is using the conservative protests as a rallying cry to their membership in an effort to raise money to fight back.

Union members are being urged to attend town hall forums and is raising money. At ABC News, that's just like joining a mob, screaming at politicians, hanging them in effigy, and swarming their cars.

Honestly, I'm not sure false equivalencies come more pronounced than that.

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