US News & World Report plays dumb about ABC News's health care special

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

I'm sure it won't be alone among media outlets today, but I noticed US News typed up the latest in the non-story about ABC's White House special next week about health care. You'll recall that Drudge erroneously "reported" that no dissenting views would be aired in the special, thereby manufacturing a mini-scandal.

Now a conservative group has concocted the latest twist: ABC won't let the group buy an advocacy ad during the primetime program. Drudge thinks this is a big deal, which means apparently Matt Drudge has no idea how network television works, since ABC has a longstanding tradition of not airing any advocacy ads. Ever. Plus, the idea that a potential, first-time advertiser could just dial up the ABC sales team a week before a primetime show and buy a 60-second spot is comically naive.

But not for US News, which simply types up the conservative press release (i.e. the "growing controversy") and leaves out any mention that ABC never airs advocacy ads. See, that way the press can pretend there's actual news here.

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