The Hill, please define "considers holding hearings"

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It's from the Friday headline:

Hoekstra considers hearings on Pelosi, interrogations

It's about how Republicans are attacking the Speaker of the House because they claim she knew that the CIA was waterboarding prisoners. (Greg Sargent and Marcy Wheeler explain why Republicans probably don't know what they claim to know.) The GOP is def. in high dudgeon mode, according to The Hill:

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (Mich.), the top Republican on House Intelligence, in an interview Friday said the document proves that Pelosi knew waterboarding occurred but has denied is because of political pressure from the liberal base of her party.

So, according to The Hill headline, Hoekstra, the ranking the top Republican on the House Intelligence committee, might call hearings. He's considering it at the very least. That's interesting, but last time we checked Republicans were in the minority and don't have the power to hold hearings.

Within the article, the The Hill is more clear that the Republican is "considering calling for congressional hearings." But A) It's hard to see how that qualifies as news. Don't minority members of Congress consider "calling" for hearing pretty much everyday? I mean, what member in the House doesn't consider calling for hearings on any array of topics?

And B) Even if Hoekstra pulls the trigger and actually calls for the hearings, we're still not sure even that qualifies as news, which sort of sums of life in the House when you're in the minority; you can consider and call all you want, but it's still probably never going to happen.

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