After hyping Luntz memo, Politico downplays pro-health care memo

Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

Yesterday, as you may recall, Politico's Mike Allen copied-and-pasted nearly 1,000 words from a Frank Luntz memo advising Republicans on how to defeat health care reform. Allen didn't bother to include any fact-checking or opposing voices; he just passed on Luntz' GOP spin.

Well, today, Politico got its hands on another health care memo, by another famous political pollster. This one was by Democrat Celinda Lake, and it offers advice on language to use in support of health care reform. So, did Politico extensively quote this memo without providing a counterpoint?


This memo got a mere blog post, not full article placement. And that blog post only quoted 25 words from the memo. And the blog post included -- again! -- Luntz' advice on how to defeat health care.

Maybe Politico would take Celinda Lake's memo more seriously if she got herself reprimanded by the American Association for Public Opinion Research, like Luntz? Nah, she'd probably have to oppose health care reform, too.

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