Is Mike Allen a reporter, or a GOP press secretary?

Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

Take a look at this "article" Allen "wrote" about Republican pollster Frank Luntz' advice for his party. It consists of nearly 1,000 consecutive words quoted directly from Luntz, with a pro forma introduction by Allen slapped on top. No mention of the fact that Luntz is a hack of a pollster in that introduction, just some happy talk about "Dr. Frank Luntz" and his "bestselling book" that could have come from Luntz himself -- or his publicist.

And what happens when you simply copy and paste from a Republican hack pollster's memo to fellow Republicans about how to defeat health care? You give your readers hundreds of words of pure, undiluted GOP spin and attacks on health care reform, with no fact-checking and no opposing voice.

Nothing new for Politico's health care coverage.

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