WaPo's Paul Kane defends GOP opposition to volcano monitoring, calls liberals "pathetic" for criticizing it

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Washington Post reporter Paul Kane:

The Beavis and Butthead Party: The GOP makes fun of spending money on volcano monitoring, a volcano blows up. The GOP makes fun of spending money on pandemic preparation, a potential pandemic moves in. What is the next serious topic the GOP thought was funny that will blow up in their faces?

Paul Kane: I kinda think the left's efforts to politicize these things is pretty pathetic.

And besides, I don't think Beavis 'n' Butthead would be Republicans. I kinda suspect they eventually grew up to be Hillary Clinton Democrats.

Is it really "the left" that tried to politicize these things? Seems to me that when Bobby Jindal mocked volcano monitoring funding without having the first clue what it was for, that was politicizing the issue. The Left subsequently pointed out how stupid that politicization was.

But apparently Paul Kane thinks it's more "pathetic" to point out that the Republicans mindlessly opposed volcano monitoring than for the Republicans to mindlessly oppose volcano monitoring. Good to know.

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