Irony alert: Politico complains about too much Obama coverage

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Politico's Roger Simon seems to mock Obama for wanting to be in the headlines all the time with today's piece, "It's all Obama, all the time":

If it's Thursday, it must be Obama. Or Friday. Or Saturday. Or just about any day. Barack Obama has gone from being historic to being ubiquitous. He doesn't just control the news cycle, he is the news cycle...Today, we have a president who so fills the airwaves that he really should have his own network with the motto: "All Obama, All the Time." Scratch that. He doesn't need it. Cable news is pretty much that already.

Ah, it's cable news that's going overboard with its Obama coverage. It's cable news that latches onto trivial White House happenings and trumpets them as key events. It's cable news that treats the president as a celebrity.

For the record, Politico recently billboarded its site with a lead story about what Obama watches on TV. (ESPN and Entourage, we learn) I can't think of a single news outlet that's done more to trivialize political coverage, and do it 24/7, than Politico. But Simon's sure cable news is to blame.

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