Rampage Nation: Perhaps ABC News is awakening from the slumber

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From its Friday night network newscast came this programming note from guest anchor Diane Sawyer:

And, also, a week from tonight, ABC News is going to bring you the results of a year-long exploration of this epidemic of mass shootings in America – why it is happening and what lessons there are about staying safe if it is happening to you. And that is one week from tonight.

The national press has been playing dumb about gun violence for years now. It will be interesting to see if ABC News takes off the blinders with its upcoming Friday-night special.

UPDATE: There was another mass murder over the weekend. This one in Graham, Washington, where police report James Harrison, 34, distraught over the fact that his wife was leaving him, shot and killed his five children and then killed himself. By my estimates, that's five mass murders in the last eight days in America, with nearly 40 people shot dead.

Question: Will others in the news media soon join ABC News and begin to connect the dots?

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