For the Politico, there's one side to every story

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A month ago, Stuart Rothenberg used his Roll Call column to tout the possibility that 2010 could be "the start of a comeback for the GOP in the Northeast." Today, Politico runs what is essentially the same article, headlined "GOP sees signs of life in Northeast."

Though he devoted nearly 1,300 words to the article, Politico reporter Josh Kraushaar couldn't find space to quote or paraphrase a single Democrat. That would be bad enough if the article simply included comments from Republicans predicting electoral success. But Kraushaar includes Republican attacks on Democrats, such as this:

Former Rep. Rob Simmons (R-Conn.), who entered the race last week, immediately blasted Dodd for "failing in his oversight duties" as chairman. And he accused Democrats of backing legislation that would stifle economic growth - sounding off on the major theme of his campaign.

How do Dodd and other Democrats respond to these charges? Do they have anything critical to say about Simmons and the Republicans? Politico doesn't think it matters. One side of the story is plenty.

The 23rd paragraph of the Politico article does, however, begin "Not everything is looking rosy for Northeastern Republicans." Sadly, that's as close as it comes to balance.

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