Now the Los Angeles Times' Andrew Malcolm is mocking the unemployed

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You'll remember it was Malcolm, Laura Bush's former flack, who belittled a homeless man who took a picture of Michelle Obama as she volunteered at a Washington, D.C., homeless shelter. (How could a poor person possibly afford to a cell phone, Malcolm demanded.)

Now, Malcolm, a non-stop embarrassment for the Times, ridicules an unemployed man who addressed Obama at a town hall meeting in California yesterday. His name is Daniel Webber and he told Obama how he was laid off by Toyota and couldn't find work.

Just as he looked down his nose at the D.C. homeless man, Malcolm harrumphs:

Get your facts straight before you stand up...It turns out the burly, 45-year-old Norwalk resident wasn't exactly laid off. He and Toyota agreed today that he took a voluntary buyout. His choice. He's still looking, if you're hiring. But how he got where he is turns out to be a little different than he first described on national TV.

Hmm, Webber took a buyout, so he wasn't really laid off. At least according to Malcolm. This is just priceless, especially coming from somebody who works at a newspaper, since newspapers across the country have let go thousands of employees in recent years via buyouts.

Meaning, management says it has to get rid of X number of employees, but if people volunteer to leave the company they'll be better compensated. But either way, the company is going to cut the payroll, so it's better to leave on your own accord.

Bottom line, of course, is once people leave, they're out of a job. Webber took a buyout, for whatever reason, and now he can't find work. Just like an awful lot of former journalists who took buyouts and who cannot find work.

Honestly, isn't there some way Laura Bush can hire Malcolm back?

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