Laura Bush's former flack continues to embarrass at the LA Times

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That would be Andrew Malcolm who, as CF has pointed out, seems to see his job as a Times blogger to pass along GOP spin in the guise of news. Malcolm's latest GOP duties include beating the extremely dead horse about how (ugh, it bores us to even type this up) the Clintons aren't doing enough to elect Obama.

Malcolm, in full Democratic mocking mode, dissects Bill Clinton's recent appearance on CNBC and declares, after much deep analysis using his special decoder, that Clinton did not utter the correct phrases in pointing out again and again how and why Obama will win the election.

A couple of particular Malcolm lowlights:

-"The Democratic ex-president made the wannabe Democratic president come up to his Harlem office last week to have lunch, all friendly-like."

See, Clinton didn't recently invite Obama to lunch, he made Obama come to lunch. Also, what's up with Malcolm referring to Obama as "the wannabe"? Does Malcolm often refer to McCain as the "wannabe Republican president"? Pretty flippant, condescending language by Malcolm, if you ask us.

-"And the ex-president tore himself away from still preparing to go out and campaign for the kid long enough to go on CNBC because.... several hundred people a day watch that channel and it's a good opportunity to not yet be out on the road campaigning."

Ha-ha! It was a big joke that Clinton recently appeared on CNBC. According to Malcolm Clinton should have been out campaigning for Obama, instead of appearing on CNBC this week, which nobody watches.

Question: Does Malcolm not live in America? Is he not aware of the financial meltdown taking place and that CNBC this week is posting among its highest ratings ever?

Honestly, this stuff is just too dumb for words and highlights what happens when mainstream news org create political blogs and allow staffers to print nonsense that would never make it into print.

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