Jim Cramer and the rise of the whining loudmouth

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Can we just take a moment to decry the most annoying media trend of the year--the whining loudmouth. CNBC employs two of the biggest offenders; Cramer and Rick Santelli. The third Mouseketeer, of course, is Rush Limbaugh. All three loudmouths uncorked nutty, anti-Obama rants in recent weeks.

Then when reporters raised question during White House press briefings and got responses from Robert Gibbs, the loud mouths turned and whined about the nasty White House was going after them, targeting them, putting them on (non-existent) enemies lists. Good God, if you're going to making a living as a loudmouth making stuff up on national television, at least man up and take the gentle push back with some dignity.

Santelli's bed-wetting act about the White House was targeting him was especially lame. And now we get Cramer, when not penning tedious and narcissistic open letters to the White House, going on Today and whining about how the White House is after a "little guy" like Cramer because all he did was point out that the Dow averages "are down a lot" since Obama's inauguration.

That's the other thing; while he's whining like a little school kid, Cramer won't even be honest about what nutty, fact-free things he said in the past. Did Cramer simply go on TV and point out the Dow is "down a lot"? Of course not. Because if he did nobody at the White House would care.

What Cramer said, but won't man up to on Today, is that the Dow's are down a lot because of Obama; because the new communist-like president was destroying American wealth on an historic scale. Really? The Dow has lost approximately 1,500 points since Inauguration Day. But between May 2008 and January 21, 2009, while Bush was president, the Dow lost 4,800 points. But we don't remember Cramer calling the Republican president a communist or bemoaning the wealth destruction his administration had unleashed.

Our advice for Cramer: Stop making stuff up, and enough with the petulant whining.

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