CNBC reporter thinks traders represent "the silent majority"

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Drudge is making a big deal about this because I guess we're supposed to care when CNBC's Rick Santelli starts yelling and whining about Obama's recovery effort. Because, y'know, traders and bankers did such a great job stewarding the economy for the last few years, why should the government step in, right?

Anyway, the hilarious part comes at the end of the rant when Santelli, reporting from the floor of Chicago Mercantile Exchange, announces indignantly that the all-white, all-male traders nearby represent "a pretty good statistical cross-section of America. The silent majority."

At one point, Santelli turned to the trading floor, extended his arms outward and announced, "This is America!"

Ah, life inside the CNBC bubble.

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