Rush Limbaugh's crowded debate schedule

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

The AM talker's jump-the-shark moment from yesterday's show, where Limbaugh suggested Obama appear on his radio show for a debate (no deluded sense of self-grandeur there, right?), comes against the backdrop of Limbaugh refusing a previous public debate.

As Jason Linkins notes at HuffPost:

Perhaps he has forgotten, but Limbaugh already has a standing challenge from CNN's banisher of "bias" and "bull" Campbell Brown, to appear on the air and debate their chief business correspondent, Ali Velshi, who Limbaugh had previously maligned. Oh, and here's some trash talk from a Democratic party operative, who writes, "Just saying...if you cant stand up to Campbell, you shouldn't be calling Rahm effeminate and calling out the President."

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