ABC News makes our head hurt

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With its online article headlined [emphasis added]:

Obama's Choice to Bare Arms Causes Uproar: First Lady's Sleeveless Fashion Choices Draw Criticism

We get that first ladies make news with their fashion sense, and we get that Michelle Obama's sleeveless dresses have cause a bit of stir, and that's fine. If ABC News wants to cover that, be our guest.

But it's the pointlessly breathless coverage ("The latest arms controversy embroiling the White House...") and the lame reporting effort that makes our head hurt. Because after reading the article you discover the ABC reporter only talked to two people for the article (or at least only two were quoted); a reporter for the Politico and a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times. But neither of them directly criticized the Obama's fashion choices.

So where was the "uproar" and "criticism" and "controversy" coming from? The only proof ABC pointed to was the fact that some Sun-Times readers posted comments online saying they didn't like the sleeveless look in the winter. That's it. That's the premise for the entire article.

And yes, we're guessing if we went to the Sun-Times website we could find readers who left comments praising Obama's fashion. But that's not the story ABC wanted to tell.

Pass the aspirin.

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